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 Anti Flash Update

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PostSubject: Anti Flash Update    Sun Sep 04, 2011 5:28 am

// Anti-Flash Exploit Script [fullupdate]
// By: Q-bA11 - 04/07/07
// Important: Works but lags your HUD!

alias echo_on.rZ2 "motdfile echo.txt; cl_showfps 0"
alias echo_off.rZ2 "developer 1; motd; developer 0; motdfile motd.txt"
hud_drawhistory_time "0.01"

alias AntiFlash_Tog.rZ2 "AntiFlash_On.rZ2"
alias AntiFlash_On.rZ2 "weapon_knife; flash; flash; wait; alias _special AntiFlash_Loop.rZ2; AntiFlash_Loop.rZ2; echo_on.rZ2; motd_write [Loading Anti-Flash...]; echo_off.rZ2; speak activated; alias AntiFlash_Tog.rZ2 AntiFlash_Off.rZ2"
alias AntiFlash_Off.rZ2 "alias _special; echo_on.rZ2; motd_write [Anti-Flash Loaded]; echo_off.rZ2; speak deactivated; alias AntiFlash_Tog.rZ2 AntiFlash_On.rZ2"
alias AntiFlash_Loop.rZ2 "fullupdate; wait; special"

// Edit Here:
bind "alt" "AntiFlash_Tog.rZ2"


// Software Mode Only
// NoSmoke / NoFlash
// By rpg7 AKA H3av3nBoss

d_spriteskip "-1"

alias +noflash.rZ2 "r_luminance 1"
alias -noflash.rZ2 "r_luminance 0"
bind f "+noflash.rZ2"
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Anti Flash Update
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