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PostSubject: LongJump    Sun Sep 04, 2011 5:26 am

alias wait2 "wait; wait;"
alias wait3 "wait; Wait; wait;"
alias wait5 "wait; wait; wait; wait; wait"
alias wait6 "wait5; wait;"
alias wait10 "wait5; wait5"
alias wait20 "wait10; wait10"
alias wait40 "wait20; wait20"
alias wait7 "wait5; wait; wait;"

// Multi-Strafe
alias hC2strafe "+duck; +left; +moveleft; wait7; -moveleft; -jump; -left; right; left; right; left; right; left; +right; +moveright; wait7; -moveright; -right; -duck"
alias left "+left; +moveleft; wait7; -moveleft;wait;  -left;"
alias right "+right; +moveright;wait7; -moveright; wait; -right;"
alias _jump "+jump; wait; -jump

alias _jump "+jump; +duck; -moveleft; -forward; -left;"
alias hC2jumpnstrafe "_jump; -jump; hC2strafe"
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